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Vortex Strikefire 2 Red Dot Review – Made To Cover The Middle-Ground

strikefire II on AD68 mount
Mounted on AD68

The Vortex Strikefire 2 and it’s older generation was born from the demand for an affordable, but quality, red dot optic for rifles, carbines and shotguns. For a long period of time optics fell between the super high quality, but also very expensive, and the cheap, but complete junk category. Only in the last few years have this middle ground of quality and price come to the market.

Comparing It To Main Competitors

strikefire II
Vortex Strikefire II
Aimpoint PRO
Aimpoint PRO
redfield counterstrike
Redfield Counterstrike
Objective Lens:30mm38mm30mm
Reticle:4 MOA red/green dot2 MOA4 MOA red/green dot
Length: 5.6 inches5.1 inches5.9 inches
Weight:7.2 oz7.8 oz14.8 oz.
Battery life:Max 6000h30 000hMax 5000h
Brightness levels:106 + 4 NV11
Coating:Fully MulticoatedMulticoatedFully multicoated
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First Impression

The Strikefire 2 is an example of what a mid range priced optic should be. It lacks the bells and whistles of more expensive optics, but has a certain degree of brilliance in the basics. These optics are often durable, precise, and easy to use. The Strikefire 2 is a red dot optic with 1x magnification, and 30 mm objective lens. There optic comes with two options, the first has a red and green reticle, selectable by the user. The second option is a single bright red dot to simplify the design. Both are night vision compatible at the lowest settings.

The Strikefire is a dainty 7.2 ounces,. This optic is nice and light, and adds little bulk to the weapon. The optic is a little over five and a half inches in length. The Strikefire 2 has a solid black finish, which seems to be relatively strong and scratch resistant so far. The Strikefire 2 has a 2x doubler available as well, that easily attaches to the optic. Included with the Strikefire 2 is two flip up lens covers, a torque wrench, lens cloth, and a CR2 battery.


The Strikefire 2 is also a waterproof, but not submersible, so don’t take your optic swimming. The Strikefire 2 is nitrogen purged for fog proofing, and is shockproof. The Strikefire features a 100 MOA adjustment range with ½ MOA clicks.


Setting All Up For The Test

The optic was very easy to install, and can be used with any 30 mm scope ring. However, since the optic came with a high rise mount for flat top ARs I utilized the included mount. This did allow me to co witness with my Magpul MBUS sights. The elevation and windage adjustment tools require a tool, coin, or rim to adjust. This is easy enough, but who doesn’t prefer fingertip turrets? This is one of the compromises you make with a mid range optic.


As you can imagine this red dot optic is simple to zero in. The Strikefire 2 has a ½ MOA adjustment ratio. I sighted the optic in at 25 yards so with a ½ MOA it takes 8 clicks to move the reticle 1 inch. Very simple, and very easy.

view on strikefire II red and green dot options


The first issue I found was the on/off button. The button functions to of course turn the optic on and off, and change the reticle between green and red. The button is placed well for right handed shooters and can be accessed without moving the firing hand. The problem is the button has to be hit directly in the middle of the button to activate it. This takes some practice to do without looking, and is difficult to do with gloves on. I found myself feeling around for the sweet spot a few times.

Where Strikefire II Ranks In Our 18 Scope Comparison Table?


On the Range

The Vortex Strikefire 2 utilizes two eyes for aiming and it’s important to keep this in mind. Once the optic was sighted in performance was excellent. Whether it was ringing steel plates at fifty yards, or taking poppers at 10 yards the optic kept it’s zero throughout the entire day. Here I observed my second issue with the optic, looking through it I saw how much the optic darkened when I looked through it.


The optic was significantly darker than the world around us, as almost as bad as wearing a pair of sunglasses. Light transmission is not optimum through the Strikefire 2. The reticle however was nice and bright, and the brightness adjustment settings are easy to use. One button turns the brightness up, and the other turns it down.

There is also a button dedicated to instantly turning the reticle down to night vision levels. There is a total of ten different illumination settings. The controls are placed perfectly for right handed shooters. The control box is on the left side of the optic and you can access the controls without moving your firing hand.

Strikefire II mounted on 1/3 cantilever mount
Lower 1/3 cantilever mount is Vortex recommendation

We burned through about 300 rounds of standard PMC ammo and the optic did not have an issue performance wise. Cheek weld was perfect for three different shooters on an AR rifle. However, at one point we unloaded the rifles, and went down range to paste up new targets. As I turned to walk back to where I set my rifle I noticed the sun was glaring off the lens and onto the wall. The front of the optic does reflect a lot of light, which means you may be seen coming from miles away. In the right angle the optic reflects as bright as a flashlight.


We finished with the AR and mounted the optic to a shotgun and quickly sighted it back in. Once we were sighted in we started putting 3 inch buckshot, and magnum slug loads through the shotgun. Our intention was to test the optic durability against recoil. The Strikefire stood up to 50 rounds of buckshot, 25 of it was three inch, and we fired 15 slugs. The Strikefire held up to every round of shotgun ammunition put through it, and held absolute zero.

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Final thoughts

The Vortex Strikefire 2 has a few flaws, mainly dealing with its lenses, but overall it is still an excellent optic. This is the perfect example of a mid range optic that provides brilliance in the basics. The Strikefire 2 is typically priced below two hundred dollars and is quite available at this time.

The Strikefire is an excellent carbine optic, and had no issues withstanding the recoil from a shotgun. Overall Vortex Strikefire 2 is an great optic, and is made even sweeter by it’s price point. If you can ignore a few flaws, this is a diamond in the rough.

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