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Review: Is SWFA SS 10×42 A Top Fixed Power Scope?


SFWA SS 10x40 scope front and sideview

The SWFA SS, or Super Sniper, is actually an old scope believe it or not. The original scope was introduced by Tasco way back then, and it was a really good scope. This was back when Tasco was known for high quality scopes before they became the budget scope maker they are today. As Tasco went through some financial hard times their scope quality declined, taking the original Super Sniper down with the sinking ship. While Tasco may have recovered, their Super Sniper series seemed to have gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Only until SWFA bought rights for super sniper rifle scope it leads us to where we are today. The new super sniper is not really new, it’s just a clone of the original Tasco super sniper but that’s okay, overall an excellent and simple design.

But what SWFA did is that they applied a new finish and smaller outer work but kept the original intent of the scope preserved. The Super Sniper is still tough as nails, simple as sin, fixed power rifle scope. The fixed power nature of the scope keeps it affordable, but also extremely high quality.

Fixed power scopes may be going out of popularity but it’s still a respected platform. The Marine Corps Scout Snipers used a fixed power optic up to this decade. Fixed power optics have no issues with focal plane, are lighter, smaller and simpler. Simple optics are more durable optics. The simpler an optic is, the less failure point it has.

The Super Sniper is a ten power optic, with a 42mm objective lens. If the Super Sniper had a variable magnification it could easily cost twice as much.

Unboxing The SWFA SS

The SS comes packed with the basics you’d expect. It’s packaged in a basic cardboard box, comes with a lens cloth and instructions. Oddly enough the instruction all had Tasco markings on it. The Super Sniper comes in either a side focus or rear focus ring. I chose the side focus model. Because why not? The price difference is negligible, and I like everything focused in one area. The scope has a coarse but even finish. The coarse material is in place to reduce glare and reflection from the matte finish.


The Super Sniper uses nice, solid fingertip adjustable tactical turrets. The turret provide a tactile feedback, but the audible is just barely noticeable. I prefer tactile because my ear protection usually makes audible feedback useless anyway. The side focus turret moves smoothly and work wells as I look at different items at different ranges. The scope is a single piece aluminum tube that adds a higher level of rigidness to the design. Single piece tubes are always preferable, and will add years of life to your optic and aids in precision.

Parallax Adjustment

The scope is topped with a nonremovable sun shade, and the parallax adjustment is where a magnification ring normally would be. Parallax adjustment is impressive, starting with a close 10 meters and going out to infinity. 10 meters makes this scope perfect for popping super small targets at close ranges. Some folks may not have a long range shooting range near them and are forced to exercise their skills at closer ranges, and with smaller targets.

Eye Box

The Super Sniper has a nice large eye box that makes getting behind the scope fast and practical. For the bench, this may not seem like a big deal, but for the shooter in the tree stand the faster you can get on target the better. The Super Sniper lets users get the scope up, and in focus rapidly. 4 inch eye relief is also good for preventing accidental scope bites.

Where SWFA SS Would Rank In Our 18 Optic Comparison Table?

Field Test Time

Zeroing the Super Sniper was simple, and done at 100 yards. The turrets adjustments were simple and once I memorized which rotation did what I didn’t have to come off the rifle to make adjustments. I got on target in 5 rounds after a laser bore sight. The scope was mounted with Leupold rings to an old school Winchester Model 70. The Model 70 and fixed power scopes come from the same generation, so it seemed appropriate. The 30-06 would also test the optic’s durability.

First Look

The optic uses a basic mil-dot reticle, and I hold the mil dot reticle to be one of the best reticles out there for shooting, especially for distance. Mil-dot reticles may not hold your hand, but they do provide an excellent method to gauge bullet drop. The lenses were crystal clear and the 42mm objective lens allowed a medium mount for the optic. The field of view is nice and wide, and the 10 power magnification is right in the middle of the practical magnification range.

swfa ss 10x42 classic mil dot
Classic SWFA mil-dot

Flawless Performance @ 300 Yards

The optic was dead on at the limits of our range, which was 300 yards. The mil dots were excellent for the roughly foot of drop the 30-06 experienced at this range.

We fired a mere 80 rounds of 30-06 before our shoulders were worn from recoil, but the scope held true for all eighty rounds. These eighty round produced very tiny groups in basic NRA rifle targets.

The scope performed wonderfully, provide a clear and consistent picture, and was a performer for sure.

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Ending Words

There some rumor about a Navy contract, and I could see why. The scope is affordable and delivers a lot more than the competition for the price. The scope retails for 300 from the manufacturer without side focus, and at 300 bucks this thing is a bargain. Side focus model is about $100 more. I don’t have much bad to say about it, and if you don’t mind a fixed power scope the SWFA is an excellent option.

Trijicon ACOG 4x32
Trijicon Acog 4×32

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  1. I have a SWFA 12 power rear focus scope on my 243 Savage model 10… I like going to the range and shooting my economy set up and keeping up with some of the expensive rigs .. First time to the range this year after six months in the gun safe and i shot a quarter size five shot group at 100 yards.. The scope is great.. I want to take it to a longer range site as I only have access to 200 yards.. Don’t hesitate to buy this scope..

  2. I have two of the 10X42 mil quad rear parallax scopes. One is on my .300 Win mag (Remington 700 long range) and the other is on my Marlin XT22 bolt gun. The .22 is my marksmanship practice rifle – shooting the .22 at 100 yards is like shooting the Win Mag at 300 yards. The .22 is a lot easier on the shoulder and a LOT cheaper to fire. The scopes give me the same sight picture to practice with that the Win Mag gives me. The scopes have very accurate and repeatable turrets with a ton of adjustment; more than enough to take the .22 out to a quarter of a mile, the mil-quad reticle is really nice – very fine cross hairs (.05 mils). The scopes are actual – if older – milspec NATO sniper scopes. Nobody has ever built a better twin engine propeller driven airplane than a DC-3, the SWFA 10X42 Super Sniper is the scope equivalent of a DC-3; something done just about as well as it could be done. I love these scopes – don’t even hesitate to get one.