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Step up your hunting game with the top 3 Best Rifle Scopes under $1000


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Regardless of your goal of becoming a long range hunter or the best shooter, you will need the right rifle scope for the use case to make a difference. The optics marketplace can make things difficult for you because of its massive collection and variety of product lines. You will get thousands of options, but the trick is to get a desired rifle optic within the range of $1000. One thousand dollars can be a decent amount of money, but it is nothing in the optics world. The quality, size, diameter, light range and numerous other features easily increase the price of rifle scopes. If you are limited to $1000, you have to limit your expectations to a particular level, but no doubt you can get one of the best rifle scopes within your budget to get a bright and clear picture.

Long range optics must be durable and precise and in the $1000 range. It should feature zero-reset turrets, extreme precision, single piece design and multi-coated lenses. Here are three best rifle scopes of 2018 that can help you to step up your hunting game under $1000.

1. Sightron 10-50×60 SIII Mil Dot Riflescope

This scope is designed to offer professional magnification so that you can easily target game from 1000 yards away with accuracy and precision. The Sightron scope features 10x – 50x magnification. Compared to standard scopes, you get better magnification. With its sleek design, military-grade specifications, mil-dot reticle and specific material, it qualifies as one of the best rifle scopes of 2018.

1) Sightron 10-50x60 SIII Mil Dot RiflescopeThe Sightron scope allows you to perfectly hit each target. You can get the advantage of brightness, clear glass, razor sharp crosshairs and maximum magnification. Without any doubt, it can be the best scope for its price.

With 60mm objective lens, it offers an excessive quantity of light diffusion. Sightron is famous for its 7 layer coating to offer high definition pictures and additional light transmission. It comes with 1/8 MOA alterations for extreme precision. The quick focus eyeball enables shooters to make precise and quick adjustments in any field. This scope is equally good for long range novice shooters.

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2. Vortex Optics Viper PST 6-24×50 Ffp Riflescope

Finding the best rifle scope with the best specs under $1000 can be a difficult task. If you are in need of a reliable option, you can try Vortex Optics Viper PST 6-24×50 Ffp Riflescope. This special scope comes with excellent magnification, illuminated reticle, matte finish and 30mm tube. Windage and elevation adjustments are really simple because you get sufficient room for modifications. Vortex is a PST (Precision Shooting Tactical) scope which means that it has the ability to endure all conditions and situations.

The best vortex scope is constructed on the basis of functionality. It can be a good choice for anyone who is looking for a lightweight scope. There is no need to sacrifice the quality of your work due to weight. You can get the advantage of clear and bright sight in a lightweight scope.

This high-end optic may not be the best choice for beginners. The scope offers 6x – 24x power magnification for long range hunting and shooting up to 1000 meters. The Vortex Optics Viper is extremely powerful and comes with a completely illuminated reticle. The special reticle offers multiple concentration settings and its turret is situated on the left area of a rear lens. This is useful for easy modification without looking away from the picture. If you are looking for the best scope price, it’s a good option for you. It allows you to turn off illumination without worrying about intensity levels. This can be a great choice for any long-range hunter.

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3. Burris XTR II 3X-15X-50mm Riflescope

If you need a shockproof scope, consider Burris with a wide range. Any hunter who is looking for the best rifle scope can consider this scope. It comes with precision on the side for competitive and tactical purposes. The adjustable reticle makes it easy to decrease or increase the size of the reticle in sync with amplification for the accuracy of trajectory compensation.

1) Burris XTR II 3X-15X-50mm Riflescope

Construction of a thicker tube gives extra support to this scope. This tube makes the scope durable and shockproof. With its state-of-the-art technology, the Burris XTR II 3X-15X-50mm Riflescope can be a great choice for tactical operators and competitive shooters. Hi-Lume multi-coated lenses optimize contrast, low-light performance, and target resolution. All hand-fitted inner assemblies are absolutely shockproof with triple spring-tension. It works well even under extreme recoil with vibration resistant features.

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These top 3 best rifle scopes under $1000 offer you excellent quality, eye relief, magnification and clear view. These are completely shockproof and waterproof; hence, you can use any of these scopes under different weather conditions. All these scopes are reliable for long range hunting.