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Sightron SIII Review: Japanese Scope With Lifetime Warranty

testing out Sightron III

The Sightron Slll SS LRMOA is a hidden gem of an optic. The Sightron appears quite plain on the outside, very basic, simplistic, and smooth. The Sightron Slll however, is plain on the outside, but on the inside is absolutely wonderful. The Sightron is an extremely high-quality optic, designed for long range precision shooting.

 My First Impression

As soon as you pick up the optic you can feel its quality. The finish is spread evenly over the optic and it feels very solid in the hand. This isn’t what I would define as a lightweight optic, it’s around 24 ounces, which is right in the medium weight category. The weight is completely expected for an optic with a six to twenty-four power magnification, and a wide objective lens, at 50 mm. The Sightron is a single one piece main tube and feels remarkably well built. This is due to the fact the optic main body is twice as thick as a standard one-inch model.

Equipment We Used to Put Sightron SIII To The Test

The Sightron Slll is designed for precision shooting at extended ranges, a scope designed for either precision sniping, or bench shooting. So the Sightron was mounted on a Winchester Model 70 chambered in 308. The Winchester model 70 is a bolt action rifle that is known for its inherent accuracy, and reliability. Of course there are several other rifles that are better suited for extreme long range shooting, but they are also in the several thousand dollar ranges. The Winchester Model 70 is precise enough for my skill level.

The Sightron mounts with any standard 30mm scope rings, but this is a high-quality optic, so there is no reason to skimp on the scope rings. This is especially true if you are running a more powerful caliber. Weak scope rings are weak, and the heavy recoil of powerful rounds can loosen and rock cheap scope rings. I used the Burris Signature Zee, a very high-quality set of scope rings ( check here for rings vs mounts discussion) . Ammunition used for testing was Nosler match grade Custom competition.

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Overview of Scope Field Test

After an exhaustive trek into South Central Florida to use the only one thousand yard range in Florida. I partnered with a local high power shooter to show me the ins and outs of long range shooting. At the range, we set up on the sight in range, with our sandbags and began zeroing the weapon. At one hundred yards, we began our mission.

100 Yards:

The Sightron was remarkably easy to sight in. The turrets are tactical, fingertip adjustable with a quarter MOA adjustment. This small measure of movement makes every adjustment extremely precise. The turrets are capable of being zeroed out after sighting in the weapon, but it takes some work. The Torx 20 adjustment screw is positioned on top of the turret and is not exactly a rapid use system.

The turrets themselves are very nice, tapered for an easy grip, and all adjustments are smooth and precise. The feedback is completely tactile so they can be used without having to look and see to ensure an adjustment is made. The markings are all very easy to read, through and are very visible. The side focus turret makes it very easy to adjust the focus of the optic to present the best optical clarity.

 700 Yards:

We took the optic to the seven hundred yard range and utilized a sixty power Nikon spotting scope and forward and aft sandbags. The scope was brilliantly clear and very easy to adjust. We utilized the higher magnifications, and even up to twenty-four power the clarity was perfect. With some simple adjustments to the focus turret, everything appeared clear, at any range and any magnification.

We utilized five shot groups at seven hundred yards for the first twenty rounds. I learned quickly my precision shooting skills were not as up to par as I had fancied. I produced some slightly above 1 MOA groups for my first three groups. On my fourth I did manage a sub MOA group. The optic and rifle were much more precise than I was. I found the optic to be very fast to focus once on target, and the tactile feedback the adjustments provided a way to adjust the optic without having to adjust my position. The multi-coated lenses were exceptionally bright and clear, and, all in all, I loved the optic.

Sihgtron SIII reticle

The experienced precision shooter that tagged along however produced nothing but sub MOA groups. This is what he had to say about the Sightron:

“It’s extremely clear and bright, the mil-dot reticle is very easy to see, without being intrusive. A large problem with long range shooting is how small the target appears, and how fine the reticle must be to even see the target. This can create an issue with not being able to see the reticle or the target. The Sightron Slll doesn’t have that issue, both were very easy to see. The optic held constant zero and the turret manipulations were precise and easy to make. Definitely a good scope for those looking to enter (precision shooting) matches, or even tactical applications.”

When it comes to tactical applications I only see one flaw. There is no indicator from behind the optic for windage and elevation adjustments. It’s nice to know what direction you are adjusting with a quick glance, especially under stress. A small fault, but one that bears mentioning for tactical users.

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The main drawback is the optic’s weight, we both agreed at a pound and a half the optic was a chunky beast. This weight was due to reinforcement, which allows the optic to be waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof. While the optics are certainly at home on the bench, it’s applications can extend to the battlefield, or to the hunting grounds. The Sightron is an excellent choice for any shooter looking for a high-quality optic.

 Ending Words

The Sightron Slll comes in at around eight hundred dollars, which is right around the lower price bracket for serious competition scopes. The Sightron comes with a lifetime warranty, so your investment is protected anyway.

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