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At Rifle Optics World, we understand that it is more than only the the scores and grades which make a great student. Each student can be creative in his or her own way: some blog; others gather photos on social media that helps with understanding of the world and others find innovative ways to solve problems within private and public lives. Imagination is the atmosphere each one of us breathes, but sometimes we get so concerned with scores and grades that we forget imagination, our main problem solver.

Scholarship symbols one way to showcase your imagination by innovating and improving our relationship with whatever matters to us, by helping others solve problems and overcome difficulties.

Inventions brings us together through our expectations and improves practical abilities to improve out world.

In addition, it assists in obtaining real-world expertise in a desired field, and gives pupils the change to connect with people outside of their own circle who can help them in getting an internship or improve changes of going into top pick school. Also, inventions make us focus on the bigger picture, which is the greatest tool for success at school or work.

We at Rifle Optics World are thrilled to be able to help pupils and we would like to commend those fantastic students that have already made our world better place. To do this, we’ve created a scholarship for students who meet following standards.



Must be registered in America as a high school or college/university student.

Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 .

Must be an American citizen, permanent resident, or hold a valid student visa.

Must have created an innovative project that has an impact in lives of others (Website, program, fundraiser)

Must submit an essay which includes a target job along with.

Creation or the essay should be the applicant’s initial work.

All entries should be uploaded no later than 11:59 pm PST on the 25th of each month. The entry window shuts beginning the 26st and will reopen on the 1st at 9:00 a.m.


Rules & Regulations

Rifle Optics World 2016 Official Scholarship Regulations & Rules


Each project will be judged on the grounds of user experience, innovation, and overall originality. A other factors judges’ take into account are the following: Does the job solve a real world problem, and how applicant presents his or her viewpoint? Does the project aims to invent and create or it merely duplicated something that already exists?

Following the 1st of each month, all entries will be reviewed by three judges.


The creator of the successful project will receive one time scholarship of $600, which might be applied to the subsequent school-related expenses like publications, tuition, fees. Scholarship funds are given by Rifle Optics World and will be paid to the winning applicant.


Entry Of Contents

All entries have to be submitted through Rifle Optics World Scholarship entry form, which may be obtained below. Other type of entries will not be accepted. All essays have to be written in English, and sub-standard entries will be disqualified. Entries should be in PDF or Word format. Private information will be utilized only for granting the scholarship and to pronounce the winner on the Rifle Optics World web site. Rifle Optics World holds the right to print content from submitted essays.



Rifle Optics World workers or close family members are ineligible to apply. Please read more about additional standards above.



Rifle Optics World will not use any information submitted to generate listings. If the winner does not contact Rifle Optics World by the goal date or does not follow entry rules, Rifle Optics World holds the right to grant the scholarship. Rifle Optics World will feature the images of all winners along with their school associations.




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