Home Reviews Review: U.S. Optics ER 25 5-25×58 – Extremely customizable long range scope

Review: U.S. Optics ER 25 5-25×58 – Extremely customizable long range scope


us optics front viewThe U.S. Optics ER 25! There is a lot of different types of shooting, they can also be broken into different range groups, long, medium, close quarters. There is tactical shooting, competition shooting, and just old school plinking.

Each has different demands and requirements for the shooter, their gun, and their optical capabilities. Today we are gonna focus on long-range tactical shooting.

We are taking a look at the U.S. Optics ER 25.

U.S. Optics makes some of the best optics out there, so my expectations were high when I received the ER 25.  I’m not rich enough to collect U.S. Optics, they are well-made optics and worth the money, they are very much a buy once, cry once kind of rifle scope.

I’m familiar with them enough to follow their product lines, so I was a bit shocked to see a restructuring of their optics. The ER model replaces several models, and the ER stands for Extended range. This is a dedicated tactical scope built for long range shooters in tactical scenarios.

First Impression

My first impressions went like this, holy crap this box is huge, and then holy crap this optic is huge!

It comes in a massive cardboard box that is well secured. The optic itself comes capped with the best flip caps I’ve ever seen. They are well made and flip up positively with a simple tap of your finger. What’s really cool is that U.S. Optics tops their caps with the United State’s seal. This awesome Eagle gives the optic a unique look.

The Extended Range scopes is a big boy, it’s a scope designed for shooters who want to reach out and touch a target at over 2,000 yards. Like I said it is a big boy, it weighs a total of 2.5 pounds and is a foot and a half long. The objective lens diameter is 58mm, so you are gonna get a lot of light at extended magnifications.

Pure Long Range Optic

From the ground up the ER is built for long range shooting. The 34mm main tube is a big one, the purpose isn’t to transfer more light, but to give the shooter extra range for windage and elevation adjustments. Both are critical to successful long range shooting. The scope features a magnification range of 5 to 25 power, which is a solid selection for long range tactical shooting. It’s enough magnification for you to reach out from a hundred yards to a couple thousand. Tactical shooters are tasked with a very versatile environment, in which they may have to place a shorter range shot and instantly switch to an extended range shot.

Very Customizable

So how does one go over the features of the ER 25? It seems like an easy one right? However, U.S. Optics scopes are made to order. When you purchase one of these scopes through the U.S. Optics website you get massive customization options.This includes:

  • 9 different colors which beside black are all cerakoted earth colors, I kept mine black.
  • Four different choices for turrets, including MIL and MOA options. I chose MOA because it’s simpler for me.
  • You can choose from a red or blue illuminated reticle, or not illumination at all.
  • Then you get to choose your reticle from 12 different options. I chose the MOA scale type 1. I chose it because it was simple, and matched the turrets measurements.

The reticle options are staggering, and you can get some extremely complicated reticles.

us optics reticle moa 1First Focal Plane Is Must

This scope is in the first focal plane, which when I’m paying a few thousand dollars I expect. The first focal plane means the reticle grows and shrinks in accordance with the optic’s magnification. This keeps the reticle scale dimensions the same, making the MOA scale on my reticle useful and accurate at any magnification.

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Pairing It With Appropriate Rifle

Now choosing a weapon to mount such a powerful scope was simple, the only rifle I have worth such a scope is my new Remington 700 XCR Tactical in 300 Winchester Magnum.

I could write an entire article about how much I love this rifle, but I’ll try to keep it focused on the scope. A scope like this needs a caliber that can do the work necessary to reach out and touch whatever you need to shoot. 308 Winchester might do it, but 300 Winchester Magnum is even a baby caliber for this round.

The 300 Winchester Magnum can reach out to 1,500 yards with the accuracy and power necessary to score a good, strong hit. The scope has an eye relief of 3.5 inches so I don’t need to worry about getting a nasty black eye from this scope. This thing would be perfect on a 338 Lapua, a 416 Barrett, and a 50 BMG.


Mounting & Shooting First Rounds

Mounting is easy, the scope actually has what is known as an internal anti cant device. This makes mounting the scope extremely simple, and makes mounting it perfectly a breeze. Even a slight deviation when mounting the scope can result in a major miss at extended range. So the anti cant device is easy to use when looking through the scope.


Once mounted and zeroed I stepped out to a thousand yards. I did this a bit too soon as I didn’t calculate the drop for the rounds, I simply adjusted as I shot. The MOA scale turrets made the adjustments simple. The reticle made simple compensating and adjustments even simpler. I had a more experienced shooter helping me and spotting for me as well. Within our rounds, I was striking a ten-inch gong pretty consistently. I give a lot of credit to my spotter who offered me extremely valuable advice at a thousand yards.


us optics er 25 side viewSo, How Did The Scope Perform?

First and foremost the sight picture is incredibly clear and bright, regardless of the magnification. I was given a HD sight picture every time I climbed behind the scope.

The turrets clicked nice and easy, and the eye piece’s fast focus feature actually worked extremely well. The MOA scale makes it possible to adjust for different ranges, but it also makes it easy to calculate the adjustments necessary to hit a target. The MOA scale on the scope reticle made it easy to calculate the MOA adjustments on the turret necessary to make the small adjustments.

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Summing The Review Up

I’m not a pro, and shooting at a thousand yards and beyond is rather new to me. This optic certainly makes it easier for shooters like me to hit that gong at a thousand yards. It’s hard to find a downside to an optic when I chose most of the features.

In fact, I can only see two downsides:

– the first is the price. At around three thousand dollars this bad boy is not for those with tight purse strings.

– second one is the waiting period between ordering the scope and receiving it. These aren’t off the shelf items, but scopes painstakingly crafted to your demands, so it takes time and for an impatient person counting the days is a losing proposition.

If you have the patience though, the U.S. Optics ER 25 is an outstanding optic, one designed for long range engagements, and one perfect for the new shooter looking to hit that 1,000-yard target a time or two.