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Hands On Review: Leapers UTG 3-9×32 Bug Buster


UTG bug buser mounted on .308ARUTG as a company has a long history of producing numerous products for both tactical applications and firearm systems. Their quality was originally hit or miss, with some early handguards being out of rail spec, but simultaneously produced a renowned brass, catcher.

Recently UTG has been producing higher quality products as the market has grown significantly. These products are typically well priced, and functional, but may lack some of the more popular bell and whistles. However, if the price is right then these extra features may not be that important.


The UTG Bug Buster AO RGB is priced at under a hundred dollars, but is it worth the money? I picked one up for some basic testing and evaluation and decided to find out. The Bug Buster is a 3-9 power optic with a 32mm objective lens. The magnification is suitable for most shooters, and the objective lens is nice enough to provide decent light transmission. The optic is surprisingly compact and quite short for its magnification. A major plus to those running shorter carbines, or those running platforms with limited space.

UTG Bug Buster Vs Swat Comparison

utg bug buster
UTG Bug Buster
UTG swat
UTG Swat
Zoom & Objective Lens:3-9x323-12X44
Length: 8.11 inches10.3 inches
Weight:13.9 oz23.2 oz
Batteries: CR1620 3VCR2032 3V
FOV @ 100 yards37.7' - 14'32' - 10'
Eye Relief: 4.2" - 3.2"3.4" - 3"
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Looking Good Out Of The Box

The Bug Buster comes in a unique clear box that gives an idea of what you’re looking at. Out of the box, I was impressed that the scope came with a really nice of scope rings. The rings are even QD (quick detach) for sure and easy mounting. QD rings are among some of my favorite two piece set ups.


Also included is an optional sun shade to reduce glare, and a set of flip up lens caps. The entire package is quite impressive to be honest, especially when considering the price.

QD rings with bug buster
QD rings are such a good addition to the package!

The optic felt solid in the hand. You won’t mistake the UTG for a Trijicon ACOG, but it didn’t feel ‘cheap’. The main body is aluminum, but there is ample use of polymers as well. Fit and finish seemed to be evenly applied, and the controls are simple to figure out. Two turrets for adjusting windage and elevation and a mock turret for the optional illuminated reticle. This allows the user to activate the reticle  and change the reticle color. The options are red or green, and of course black if the illumination is off.

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Pairing the Leapers Bug Buster With Wasr 10

Since it’s a budget optic we tossed it on a budget rifle, namely the humble Wasr 10 AK/47 AKM clone. Like the AK series the UTG Bug Buster is built to be tough and dependable. UTG boasts the scope is waterproof, shockproof, and nitrogen sealed to prevent fog from building internally. Durability is an absolute must on any optic and an added bonus on a budget optic.


Once the optic was mounted with a side rail mount we took to the range. We used standard Wolf 124 grain hollow point for all testing. Zeroing the scope to the AK was easy, we proceeded in the prone position, supported by sandbags. We used ten rounds to ensure zero.

The turrets are fingertip adjustable and easy to rotate and move. Once the scope was sighted in we reset the turrets back to zero. Both the fingertip adjustable turrets and the ability to reset to ‘zero’ are a nice feature to find on a budget optic. The only real complaint is the detent clicks are a little shallow, and when wearing gloves are easy to miss.

Reticle & Image

The reticle is simple enough a crosshair with a variety of different holdover dots. These dots are not a bullet drop compensator per se but are designed as a reference for holdover. They are specific to any round or caliber. A shooter will have to learn his or her holdovers with each load, and record or memorize them. The reticle is quite bright, but I found it tiring to the eye to have the entire reticle illuminated. I prefer only the center portion to be illuminated. I simply turned the illumination off and ran the optic with the black reticle.

Usually only the middle dot is illuminated.


The zoom adjustment was nice and smooth, and the magnification ring was easy to rotate. From 3 to 7 power the optic remained crystal clear. However, once we got to 8 and 9 power I noticed a distinct blur and loss of clarity. This was not enough to make the target indistinguishable, but enough to reduce the overall quality of the image.

The lenses are coated with a proprietary multi-coating that leaves an emerald sheen over the glass. Like I said most of the magnification was crystal clear and nice and bright, and the multi-coated lenses aided in light transmission. The emerald coating actually helps relax the eye, since the human eye tends to rest when looking at something green.

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The optic performed flawlessly through 300 rounds. We used it out to 350 meters, which is 50 meters further than the AK’s supposed max effective range. This is where the holdover dots became handy. The 7.6 x 39 round drops at around 27 inches at 300 meters, but at 350 it’s nearly doubled at 43 inches. With four rounds were right back on target, hitting in the chest area of the man sized silhouette.


The 7.62 x 39 drops pretty far pretty fast, and this optic allows the easy transition to longer ranges. Of course, the shooter still has to their job. After 300 rounds, the scope was still on target. The mounts were still rock solid tight, and the optic retained zero without any issue.

The UTG Leapers Bug Buster is a decent little optic, especially considering the features in packs in for the price. When the price comes into play it’s easy to forgive the optics few shortcomings.

Final Thoughts

The Bug Buster is an excellent optic for those on a budget, and for those looking to outfit a rifle for holdovers. The lenses proved to be clear out to most distances, and holdovers worked well for the AK series of rifles. While the scope does claim to be water, fog, and shockproof I would hesitate to take this optic to a fight.


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