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Review: C-More Railway Is Nothing Like Other Red-Dots


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In the optics world it is often more of the same, one red dot optic does not differ that much from another brand red dot optic. You rarely see anything unique, simply because a formula exists that says this or that works, and optic manufacturers have stuck to that formula for decades. C’More, besides being a clever play on words, have actually thrown that standard optic away and created their own style of close range optics.

C More does produce some of the more standard optics you’d see anywhere, miniature red dots, variable optics, and all the other usual suspects. The C More Railway though is quite unique in design, and I’m doubtful you’d find any imitators. The C More Railway is a red dot optic, more aptly described as a holographic sight, and is designed for tactical and competitive applications.

Compared to Holographic Sight

c-more railway
C-More Railway
eotech 512Eotech 512
Objective Lens:29mm30 x 23 mm
Reticle:Changeable selection: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 ,16 MOA65 MOA ring with 1 MOA aiming dot
Length: 4.8 in5.6 in
Weight:5 oz.11.1 oz.
Battery life:300-1500 hoursUp to 1,000
Brightness levels:Total of 1120
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Unboxing & First Impression

The box is a simple cardboard affair packed with the optic, fitted foam, a C More systems sticker, registration information, three allen wrenches, a lens cloth, a set of batteries and an instruction manual. The unique appearance of the C More is apparent right out of the box. The sight consists of a large circle viewing window, similar to an Eotech 512 sight, but, of course, circular. The body of the sight is long and contains all the necessary electronics, batteries, and LEDs. The sight is offered in a very wide assortment of colors, but I chose black since I was evaluating this optic as a tactical optic I stuck to black, but kind of want an olive drab one now.

Some Key Aspects In C-More Railway


The advantage of this design is that the optic has an overall very low profile, with just the window being the most prominent feature. The C More Railway fits onto any flat top upper receiver for an AR or shotgun. The C More Railway is also advertised as a race gun optic, race guns being the highly decked out custom competition guns often outfitted with a ridiculous assortment of accessories. For a traditional tactical weapon, this optic is much too large for a pistol.

 Customize MOA

One feature I find really interesting is the ability to swap out LED bulbs to change the MOA of the dot. This is something any user can do, and this allows them to customize the MOA in different sizes including, 2 MOA, 4 MOA, 6 MOA, 8 MOA, 10 MOA, 12 MOA, 14 MOA, and finally 16 MOA. So your reticle options are not exactly limited in size. The reticle has eleven total positions, 2 are designed for night vision, 1 for general low light situations and the last 8 are for daylight.

 Strong body / Weak lens cover

The aluminum body is nice and tough, it feel very stable in the hand, and does appear on the outset to be well made. The biggest problem I see is the thin metal rim is the only thing that protects the lens. If this thing was to take a hard fall I’d fear for its life.

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 Field Test Recap

I mounted the C More to a flat top upper AR 15. The optic fits nice and snug onto the rail and is easy to mount. The optic co-witnesses right out of the box without the use of any riser with standard AR sights. If you keep a rear backup sight on your AR you can actually use the rear sights in coordination with the front with ease. I really like that about this optic, if the batteries ever died I would still have a set of fully functioning iron sights I could use without missing a beat.

c-more railway sight in
Optic leaves a lot of room for peripheral vision

The dot adjustment vary is quite varied, which I appreciate quite a bit. The dot at it’s brightest is near difficult to use in sunny conditions. I found setting four to be perfect for a normal day. Around noon, I upped it to a level five when it got incredibly bright. The optic weighs a mere 6.5 ounces, so when added to a rifle it’s hardly noticeable.

Sighting in was very easy, and the infinite adjustment for windage and elevation made it very easy to get on target and hold for any habits the shooter may have. Once sighted in we began drills at 12 yards, including failure to stop drills, hammer pairs, and controlled pairs. We finished with movement drills, firing 4 rounds while advancing eight yards towards the target.

Our initial impression of using the optic under fire was a good one. The entire open top design made it incredibly easy to see your target, and the world around you while using the optic. The C More Railway was very precise, and we used the 2 MOA reticle. As I tried to adjust the brightness level I did realize the brightness knob is a bit small, and can be easily missed. I’d imagine using gloves with this optic would also be quite difficult.

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50 and 100 Yards

At longer ranges, the optic still performed quite well. At 50 yards it was like shooting fish in a barrel with man sized targets, but at that distance the reticle covered smaller targets like clay pigeons, but it was still possible to hit them with a few tries. At 100 yards man sized targets were again nothing, and static headshots weren’t incredibly difficult. We could drill the torso of a target with boring regularity.

Target transitions were also a breeze, Due to the open design, and using proper two eye aiming techniques it was a hair faster than most optics. The open design allowed the user’s peripheral vision to catch the target as the user transitioned. This prevented the user from over shooting the next target and aided in getting not only on target but onto the chest cavity.

Innovation Pays Off

The C More proved to be an excellent optic on the range, after an afternoon of shooting with multiple shooters it never missed a tick. The C More performs like any professional optic should, precise, capable, and easy to use. It has an interesting design that is much more than a novelty.

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