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$100 Red-Dot Optic Review: Bushnell Trophy TRS-25


bushnell TRS-25 optic

Bushnell is a well-known optics maker who has designed and marketed everything from binoculars to spotting scopes, to their well-known brand of rifle scopes. Bushnell optics are quite popular as mid priced optics designed primarily for hunting weapons and target practice. Only recently has Bushnell dived into the tactical optics market with their well respected AR line of optics. Also The Trophy TRS 25 is one of their first red dots designed for a handgun and shotguns.

The TRS 25 is one of many of the new high performance, low-cost red dot sights that have populated the market. In previous years, your options were limited to either an expensive, high end optic, or a much cheaper, and lower quality junk optics. The TRS 25 crossed the line between an affordable price and a well built optic. The TRS 25 retails for right around a hundred dollars and does offer quite a bit of performance for its modest price.


Magnification: 1X

Objective Lens: 25mm

Eye Relief: Unlimited

Brightness settings: 11

Parallax Setting: Parallax free

Reticle: 3 MOA Red dot

Overall Length: 2.4 in.

Battery Type: CR2032

Weight 3.7 oz.

Waterproof/fogproof: 100% waterproof/fogproof/shockproof construction

MSRP: Not listed on the manufacturer’s web site

Impression Out Of The Box

The optic is packaged in a simple no frills cardboard box, so don’t expect the Eotech level of protection here. The TRS 25 does have a custom fit foam cut out material to protect it during storage, though. Included is the typical instruction manual, lens cloth, and warranty info. The little optic feels solid as soon as it hits the hand. It lacks the hollow cheap feeling commonly found on cheaper optics.

The TRS 25 comes with a set of soft rubber lens covers that is a nice addition, I always advised keep the lens covers on when not in use to protect the lenses from abrasions. The optic is relatively small compared to even the smallest versions of Eotech or Aimpoint.

The small size does lend the optic some versatility. The TRS 25 could be used on large pistols like the Ruger Mark series, the Beretta Neo, or something like the Thompson Center hunting pistols. The optic could, of course, be used on a rifle and carbine platforms as well as a shotgun. The objective lens in 25 mm, so the viewing window is small.

Quick Technical Overview

The TRS 25 centers all of it’s controls on top of the optic, which consist of one dial to turn the optic on and off, and to rotate through the different brightness settings. The TRS 25 does have a total of eleven brightness settings, and a single red color reticle. There is also the windage and elevation dials that are capped and require a small tool like a screwdriver or piece of brass to dial in. The mount is quite simple, it’s a standard Picatinny 1 inch mount, essentially universally compatible with nearly every modern rifle, handgun, and shotgun.

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How TRS25 Performs On  S&W?

For the first test, I decided to take it for a spin on my Smith and Wesson 22A-1, a 22 caliber pistol designed for competition and target shooting. The pistol is also equipped with a full on scope rail, so mounting the optic wasn’t an issue. The TRS 25 can get nice and bright, and also very faint. I seemed to have trouble finding that just right setting on the optic. I stuck to using one a little brighter than my liking. Bushnell lists the red dot as a 3 MOA, but it seems larger, this is due to wash out of having the optic brighter than normal.

reticle brightness TRS-25


The optic was quite light, very nice on the handgun due it’s lightweight. The optic weighs a mere 3 ounces, so even on a pistol it is hardly any addition of serious weight. The optic was spot on at 25 yards after a quick zero. I was popping soda cans with ease, almost boringly so. The pistol is incredibly accurate already, but the addition of an optic lends itself well to the weapon’s overall precision.

I was also much faster on target, and transitioning from target to target. I mitigated through the list of usual subjects for 22 plinking including soda cans, shotgun hulls, clay pigeons, and a small polymer spinner. Transitioning from the large targets was a breeze and I could keep the spinner going for all ten rounds.

I ran into trouble with the shotgun hulls due to their small size and the optic reticle. If I dialed it down, I found it hard to even see. Again the sweet spot of dot brightness was not there for precision shooting on small targets.

Now It`s AR-15 Turn

After time on the Smith and Wesson, I transferred the TRS 25 to the AR 15, and I used a medium profile riser so the optic could co-witness with my standard AR front sight. The TRS 25 looks diminutive on an AR, but once my cheek hit the stock everything worked fine. My eye fell right in line with the optic. As the day wore on the amber coating did aid in gathering light, and brightening up the field of view.

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After another quick dial in, I was snapping in on the range. I chose man sized targets because I feel the TRS 25 really shines as an affordable home defense optic for a long gun. Again finding the sweet spot for reticle brightness was an issue, but this is nit picking on a home defense rifle. The dot was a small reticle on the overall man sized target.

Final Conclusion

The TRS 25 was very precise and very accurate, wherever the dot is when the trigger is pulled is where a hole seems to make itself. Out to 25 yards, the optic was dead on, and the same for out to fifty yards. At the fifty yard line in a kneeling position, we were striking playing cards with relative ease on a standard Smith and Wesson M&P 15.

 At the end it`s very viable optic because of its small size, reliable mechanics and clear picture ( after finding the right brightness level ). Bushnell has also waterproofed, fogproofed and shockproofed the optic to give it a long service life, so don´t be fooled by its relatively small look.

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