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Review: The ATN Night Arrow- Solid Resolution With Tons of Features


The ATN brand is well respected in the night vision community. They make goggles, monoculars, binoculars, and of course night vision scopes. The ATN Night Arrow is one of their night vision scopes. What’s interesting is that it is designed for modern sporting rifles like the AR 15 series. With AR 15s becoming the dominant rifle on the market a quality night vision optic was needed.

The ATN Night Arrow has a small base that fits perfectly on a flat top upper receiver for an AR 15 or AK series of rifles. The biggest issue is the scope itself is large, as night vision optics often are. The only rear iron sight you could use with an AR 15 is a folding model, and it would have to be in a folded position.

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The ATN Night Arrow is a gen 2+ optic that delivers 40-45 lp/mm resolution. This is standard for a Gen2+ magnified optic. The AT Night Arrow has a 4x magnification that make it appropriate for most hunting applications. The resolution gives the unit a decent recognition range for animals, but recognizing facial features of a human is a short range application.

The Night Arrow comes equipped with an IR illuminator and its removable. As an IR illuminator it is small, but effective. If necessary, a hunter or shooter can replace it with a bigger and more IR illuminator via picatinny rail on the side of the optic.

The unit runs on a single AA battery with 30 hours of battery life. This is a convenient and quite conservative for a night vision device. Carrying enough batteries to last a week of continuous use wouldn’t even be a challenge.

The Night Arrow is even equipped with a low battery indicator, and an eye and optic saving automatic brightness control. The bright light cut off will shut the optic down if you are suddenly flashed by a white light. Without the auto cut off you could damage a night vision device.


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Clarity 3 out 5

If we were comparing just gen 2+ optics this would easily be a 4 or 4.5. However, when compared to the 72 lp/mm a good gen 2 optic can generate, the Night Arrow is lacking. Make no mistake it works well in low light and its detection and recognition range is impressive for a gen 2 optic.

Ergonomics 4 out of 5
The buttons and controls are all very easy to reach and activate. The addition of a picatinny rail makes customization very easy. Swapping batteries can be done without removing the optic to. The only downside is this thing weighs 3.1 pounds, almost half the weight of a carbine AR 15.

Features 5 out of 5
This night vision optic is absolutely packed with features. These features are what you’d typically find in a much more expensive optic. Auto brightness and auto shut off controls, an included IR illuminator, and a low battery indicator round it out well.