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Review: The Armasight Vulcan 6x- A Great Generation 3 Optic For Hunting


The Armasight Vulcan 6x is an impressive and highly modern night vision device. This six power optic comes with more bells and whistles than most would expect. The modern design and new take on technology makes this an impressive optic. Alternatively, the Vulcan 6x is also in 8 and 4.5 power models.

The Vulcan 6x is fit with a quick release picatinny mount, which is invaluable when it comes to night vision scopes. Most rifles are outfitted with a day light scope and alternatively swapping to a night vision optic is easy and can be done rapidly.

The Vulcan 6x is also designed for use on magnum sized rifles, and can withstand a lot of punishment. The Vulcan 6 is shock protected and waterproof by design. This makes it a rugged option for hunting or for tactical use. It’s also a generation 3 optic so it’s quite clear and very precise.

To add to that clear view is multicoated all glass lenses that reduce noise and distortion. The scope has a very fine reticle as well for precision shootings. Adjustments are all integral and very easy to manage.


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Clarity 4 out of 5
The clarity is on par with your average Gen 3 device. Everything is quite clear and very easy to see. The 7-degree field of view could be wider, but would make the scope bigger. The recognition range is impressive and gives a nice clear view of your target out to 400 yards.

Ergonomics 5 out of 5
This 6 power optic weighs a mere 2.4 pounds. Has crazy light for a night vision device with 6x magnification. The added remote is another superbly handy feature, as well as a pic rail for adding IR illuminators

Features 5 out of 5
I mentioned the remote and that is certainly an awesome feature to have. The sight comes with a removable IR illuminator and a quick detach mounting system. Let’s not forget dual battery use, bright light cut of, and its shock protected.