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Review: Aimpoint Micro T-1 Tactical Red Dot Sight and Its Insane Battery Life


aimpoint t1 rifle sight at frontAnyone who has every participated in either simulated combat such as IPSC competitions or an actual tactical situation will tell you that the ability to quickly acquire a target picture is an absolutely essential feature in a tactical/combat optic.

Consequently, red dot sights have long been the sight of choice for shooters who require fast target acquisition combined with pinpoint accuracy. However, many shooters do not care for the idea of mounting a large, bulky, red dot sight on their firearms.

Fortunately, Aimpoint has developed a micro version of their popular red dot sights in the T-1 for those who want to mount a red dot sight on their firearm without all of the bulk and excessive weight of their larger models.


Quick Overview

With a height of only 1.4 inches and width of only 1.6 inches the Aimpoint T-1 Micro is one of the smallest red dot sights on the market today! Also, with a with a weight of only 3 oz., not only does it add very little bulk to your favorite firearm, it adds minimum weight as well.

It has been specifically designed to provide the same battle proven ruggedness as the larger Aimpoint sights and thus, it is suitable for use on handguns, carbines, rifles, sub machine guns, and shotguns and thus, it is an ideal stand alone sight.

Also it can be easily mounted on any firearm with a Picatinny rail via the integrated sight mount which adds only one ounce to the overall weight and, it can be adjusted to compensate for both windage and elevation. Consequently, with your choice of either a 2 MOA or a 4 MOA red dot and a multi layer coating on the objective lens, it serves as an ideal close range tactical/combat sight.

Furthermore, it provides a parallax free sight picture with 1x magnification and unlimited eye relief and, it also features seven daylight brightness settings (one of which is extra bright for use in highly reflective terrain such as deserts or with laser protection goggles) along with four night vision settings for use with night vision devices.

For added durability, this sight features an extruded aluminum body with a hard anodized, matte black, finish and, it is fully waterproof and thus, it is actually submersible to a depth of 80 ft.

At last Aimpoint has eliminated one of the main flaws of electronic sights for combat use by integrating new ACET technology which provides 50,000 hours of continued use from a single CR2032 3 Volt Lithium battery.

Giving it a definite edge compared to holographic sight like Eotech XPS 2 and its 600 hours of battery life.

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On the range:

Although I am intimately familiar with red dot sights having made frequent use of them on both my EAA Witness Gold Team and my Springfield P9 in IPSC competitions as well as having one mounted on my AR-15, I am afraid that I always found them to be excessively bulky.

In addition, I never liked the necessity of keeping the sight turned off when not in use in order to conserve battery life.

Due to the fact that both IPSC and Three Gun competitions often require the shooter to navigate an obstacle course, I have found that I prefer red dot sights over holographic sights due to their robust construction and both bright sunlight and highly reflective targets tend to have less of an adverse effect on red dot sights than holographic sights.

Consequently, I was extremely pleased to see Aimpoint introduce a micro version of their red dot sights which I can mount on my tactical firearms without incurring excessive bulk. With an overall weight of just four ounces, the Aimpoint Micro T-1 adds negligible weight to my firearms which I also find very appealing.

Furthermore, the rugged, extruded aluminum, body is very tough and the matte black finish is also a nice feature because it reduces glare and thus, does not distract me when mounting my rifle or raising my handgun to the firing position.

I really like having a choice between a 2 MOA dot and a 4 MOA dot since the 4 MOA dot provides a significant advantage when shooting at close range targets but, I tend to prefer the smaller 2 MOA dot when shooting at more distant targets.

Also, I found that the anti-reflective coating combined with the multi layer coating on the objective lens provided a surprisingly bright sight picture for a sight with such a small objective lens and, with seven daylight brightness settings to choose from.

This sight performed well in wide range of light levels from early morning through mid day when I usually have the most trouble seeing the dot in my other red dot sights.

At last, I especially appreciate the new circuit technology which provides 50,000 hours of continuous use from a single battery since I no longer have to concern myself with remembering to turn the sight off when I am not using it. Instead, with the T-1 Micro, I can simply turn the sight on as soon as I am on the range and then forget about it for the rest of the day until I am done shooting which, in my opinion, eliminates the one major weakness of electronic sights for tactical use.

Thus, I am personally very pleased with the T-1 Micro since it combines the lightweight, compact, design of a holographic sight with the robustness of a red dot sight.

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Parting Shots

Aimpoint T-1 Micro is the perfect combat/tactical sight for anyone who requires fast target acquisition and pinpoint accuracy from their firearm without excessive bulk.

Plus, with its highly durable construction and multiple brightness settings, it is perfect for use as either a standalone tactical/combat sight or for use in combination with a night vision device.

With 50,000 hours of continuous use from a single lithium battery, it completely eliminates the need to keep the sight tuned off to conserve battery life and thus, it is always ready for immediate deployment in a tactical/combat situation.


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