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Eotech XPS2-0 Holographic Sight Review


sideview of eoteach xps 2-0The Eotech XPS2 is a holographic optic designed and based off the traditional Eotech square lens design, similar to the Eotech 512. The main difference is the fact the XPS2 has been shortened and had a reduction in weight. However, the XPS2 did not reduce the overall size of the objective lens.

The advantage of a smaller optic and the XPS2 specifically, is the fact the optic will use less rail space. This may not be a big deal to those using weapons with full length rails, like most AR models. Those using firearms like the AK series, the PTR 91, or even the MP5 platforms, may have minimal rail space available. By saving space you can utilize a magnifier or reserve room for back up iron sights.


Taking weight off your platform is always an advantage. The weight saving are a total of 3 ounces from the Eotech 512 to the XPS2. This is done by not only shortening the optic, but by using a single battery, versus the dual battery use of the 512. The drawback is a loss of about 400 hours of battery life. The battery is also a more expensive 123 lithium battery, versus the common double A batteries used by the 512.

all eotech holographic sights available
XPS2-0 is clearly one of the smallest EOTech Optics


Out of the Box

The Eotech is very solid in the hand, and it simply exudes quality. The XPS2 features a protective aluminum hood around the lens. The hood overhangs to prevent glare and increase its protection. The Eotech XPS2 utilizes crystal clear glass, and the large field of view for such a small optic. The optic is capable of 100 yard field of view at 30 yards with 4 inches of eye relief.


This is the eye relief that is used to judge field of view, and is not required to use the optic. The XPS2 has no necessary eye relief, and can be used at any distance. This is critical for those using the optic on an AK gas tube, or as a long eye relief optic for a Mosin Nagant.

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In Practice

The XPS2 is an incredibly easy optic to use. The XPS2 is designed to be used for close quarters use, and is used especially well in combat, or in competitions like 3 gun, both require split second transitions for target engagement. The Eotech reticle is very easy to use and is designed to be dual purpose.

look through the xps2-0 holographic glass


The 65 MOA external red circle reticle is designed for work at ‘bad breath’ distances. You simply fill this circle with your target and pull the bang switch. The internal, smaller, 1 MOA red dot is designed to allow the shooter to make precision shots. This optic is very simple to use, and requires hardly any training to utilize efficiently. A new shooter could figure out reticle and how to use the optic simply by taking a few moments to look through it.


The XPS2 is always very tough, and can withstand the powerful recoil associated with some weapons. The XPS2 is not simply designed for the carbine, but can easily transition to more powerful weapons. The EOtech can be used in conjunction with powerful 12 gauge shotguns, or full sized battle rifles like the M1A and the user does not need to worry about a wandering zero.


XPS2 Cons

One of the major cons for this optic is the fact it cannot be used with night vision. In fact for an optic built to military spec this should be a must have. I believe this limits the use of the XPS2 severely and could be a deciding factor in purchasing the optic.


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Another issue can be the use of an expensive battery that can be difficult to find. 123 batteries are awesome due to their small size, but may not be very common outside of gun or outdoor stores. Not to mention the fact the battery power is cut by 400 hours from the 512.


The optic can co witness with an AR, but that’s it. The optic is not adjustable to co witness with lower, or higher iron sights on other weapons. The price is also a bit high, around 500 dollars. While good glass costs money, you are also purchasing an optic designed only for close range, and have to shell out some extra cash for a magnifier.


Overall Impression

Overall the XPS2 is an excellent article, and is strong and durable enough to be used for combat applications. The XPS2 is perfect for military and police applications, as well as an everyday person looking for an optic to top off their home and self defense rifles. The optic is durable, easy to use, lightweight, and exceptionally capable for real world applications.


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  1. […] rifle with an optic should have iron sight backups anyway. Popular red dot optics like Aimpoint and holographic optics like Eotech XPS 2-0 can naturally co-witness with iron sights. If your optic fails to come one when you hit the switch, […]

  2. Good review of the XPS2 but I beg to differ on your conclusion that it is designed for close quarters solely. In fact one of its great advantages over other red dots is its small 1 moa center dot, which subtends a mere 4 inches at 400 yards. Compared to the 3, 4 and even 5 moa dots of other sights like the Aimpoint that nearly preclude their use on a man sized target at 300- 400 (or more) yards, the 1 moa dort of the Eotech reticle makes hitting center mass of a man’s chest at those distances completely do-able. We have (erroneously) been conditioned to believe that we need magnification to shoot at ranges beyond 200 yards and it simply t’aint so. I like to jokingly chide my friends on the range when they jeer my receiver sighted rifles, that should they feel the urge they would be more than welcome to go downrange 500 yards and dance a jig on the hillside and see how long it takes me, with my iron sighted rifles to put lead on their asses at that distance:).