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eotech 518 a65 optic side view

Eotech 518 A65 Review – Did The Best Really Got Better?

The Eotech 518 is the natural evolution of the classic Eotech 512. The Eotech series of holographic weapon sights are designed for medium and...
camouflage color Eotech 512

EoTech 512 A65: Review on Most Popular Holographic Sight

 The Eotech 512 is a most popular holographic weapon sight ( according to manufacturer Eotech ) that is designed for close range fighting. Holographic...
sideview of eoteach xps 2-0

Eotech XPS2-0 Holographic Sight Review

The Eotech XPS2 is a holographic optic designed and based off the traditional Eotech square lens design, similar to the Eotech 512. The main...

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