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multiple rifles and scopes

How To Successfully Use 1 Scope With Multiple Rifles

Rifles and optics are typically married to each other, once a scope is mounted and zeroed that is where it is supposed to stay...
cleaning rifle optic lens

How To Clean Your Rifle Scope & Perform Maintenance

Taken an objective look at your rifle and scope combo can you honestly say you take of your scope as much as your rifle?...
sniper rifle magnification MOA

How To Calculate MOA @ Different Magnification Levels

Most shooters, even those moderately familiar with a rifle understand that a certain level of math is necessary for precision shooting. Most shooters will...
firing from Nikon Buckmaster

4 Rules To Follow When Trying To Buy An Used Optic

Buying a used optic is often a good way to find the scope you want or need while saving a few bucks in the...

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