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Nikon BDC reticle

How To Choose A Reticle For Long-Range Shooting

Long range shooting is difficult, extremely difficult. To effectively engage a long range target you have to have two basic things. First off, you have...
red dot co-witnessing with iron sight

How To Properly Co-Witness Optic With Iron Sight

Co-Witnessing is the ability to use your iron sights in coordination with a red dot or a holographic optic. The point of co-witnessing is...
centering a optic via turrets

How To Optically Center A Scope

Optically centering a scope is a pretty easy process, it involves centering the reticle back to the point to its factory setting. You are...
multiple rifles and scopes

How To Successfully Use 1 Scope With Multiple Rifles

Rifles and optics are typically married to each other, once a scope is mounted and zeroed that is where it is supposed to stay...

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