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soldier using tactical optic

Full Buyer’s Guide To Modern Tactical Optic

Iron sights have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Do not get me wrong, the use of iron sights should still be a mandatory...
optic for self defense purposes

Protect Yourself: Guide To Choosing A Home Defense Optic

We Recommend: Aimpoint M4s 2 Minute of Angle ( Read 33+ Amazon customer reviews) Crimson Trace Laser Grips ( Read 159+ Amazon customer reviews) C-MORE Systems Tactical...
AR-15 optics buyers guide by rifleopticsworld

AR-15 Optics Buyer’s Guide & Recommended Models

Rifle Optics World Recommended Optics For AR-15 Are you looking for: Heads Up Red Dot Sight? Take Burris AR F3 ( Read 28+ Amazon customer reviews ) Tube...
tree hunting with a rifle scope

A Guide To The Best Hunting Scope in 2016

Judging by the increasing number of firearms and hunting licenses purchased by hunters each year, there can be no doubt that hunting is rapidly...

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