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two handguns firing at targets with equipeed red-dot sights

Pistol Optics Buyer’s Guide: Analyzing Lasers & Mini Red-Dots

We Recommend: Leupold Delta Point Pro ( Read 7+ Amazon customer reviews) Trijicon RMR Dual Illuminated ( Read 58+ Amazon customer reviews) Burris Fastfire 3 ( Read...
looking through night vision rifle scope

A Definitive Buyer’s Guide To Night Vision Rifle Scopes

We Recommend: ATN X-Sight ( Read 199+ Amazon customer reviews) ATN Mars 4x Night Optics D 730 Armasight Vulcan Night vision technology has seen a rise...
red dot optics with ammunition

Buyer’s Guide: Blueprint For Buying Red-Dot Optic

We Recommend: Aimpoint COMP M4S ( Read 34+ Amazon customer reviews) Eotech 517 ( Read 38+ Amazon customer reviews) Trijicon MRO ( Read 58+ Amazon customer reviews) Red dot...
USA soldier aiming through long range optic

Buyers Guide: Choosing Best Long Range Rifle Scope & Top Picks

If you need a wide magnification range, choose Leupold VX-6. If you are looking for a proven bombproof scope for your large caliber, heavy recoil...

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