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caldwell lead sled plus

Caldwell Lead Sled – Should You Use It?

For those not familiar with the lead sled by Caldwell, it is a rifle rest designed to fully contain and hold a rifle. There...
Bushnell Yardage Pro laserfinder scope

Analyzing Laser Range Finding Scopes

More and more we are seeing the merger of technology and firearms in some fascinating ways, and some rather discerning ways. The evolution of...
example of eye relief distance when man shoots a rifle and aims through rifle scope

Breakdown Of Long Vs Short Eye Relief

The scope world is a big one, a very big one. Scopes can be broken into dozens if not hundreds of categories, and two...
long range shooting with irons

Getting Started: Long Range Shooting With Iron Sights

While optical technology and rifle scopes have been around for over a hundred years they’ve been mostly regulated to some hunters, and specialized troops,...

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