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vortex strikeeagle 1-6x24 turrets

Getting To Know The Rifle Scope Turrets

Turrets are a critical component to the rifle scope. If you’ve never seen a scope they are the little knobs on the top and...
front view of nightforce atacr scope

How Objective Lens Size Affects Shooting?

So what is an objective lens on a scope on how does it affect you? The objective lens is positioned to the front of...
changes in rifle scope reticle between first and second focal plane

First Vs Second Focal Plane – Which One Is Better?

You may have seen two acronyms floating around while shopping for rifle scopes, they are SFP and FFP. SFP is second focal plane, and...
ar-15 with a stand in shooting range

How Much Scope Magnification AR-15 Needs?

After the assault weapon’s ban ended in 2004 the market for the AR 15 absolutely exploded, and the rifle has continued to become more...

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