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Burris Eliminator lll 4-16×50 w/ X96 Reticle Review- Scope with Laser Range Finder

burris eliminator mounted on a hunting rifle
Burris Eliminator III out on the field

True long range shooting is a skill that takes massive amount of time, dedication, discipline and money, There is a reason that a handful of shooters dominate the sport. It takes a serious level of dedication and patience to master the art of long range shooting that most of us simply cannot dedicate ourselves too. For those still interested in long range hunting, or simply long range target practice, technology has stepped forward to make these feats possible for most competent shooters.


The Burris Eliminator lll is one such scope. The scoped is equipped with a complicated and sophisticated reticle known as the X96. The 96 reticle uses holdovers for both wind calls, and bullet drop. The Burris Eliminator lll is also home to an advanced laser range finder. Built into the scope this laser range finder is capable of ranging non-reflective targets out to 750 yards, and reflective targets out to 1,200 yards. The Burris Eliminator lll I had for testing is a 4-16 magnification with a 50mm objective lens.

Range Finder Scope Comparison

burris eliminator
Burris Eliminator III
bushnell yardage pro
Bushnell Yardage Pro
Zoom & Objective Lens:4-16x504-12x 42mm
Reticle:X96Standard Mil-dot reticle
Length: 15.5 in13 inches
Weight:30.4 oz24 oz
Battery Type: CR123Aone 3-Volt battery
Range Yards:750 yds. (non-reflective) – 1200+ yds. (reflective)30- to 800-yard range
Eye Relief:3.5 – 4 in.3.5 inch
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Surprises Out of the Box

Technology comes with a cost, and that cost is size and weight. The Burris Eliminator lll is heavy optic that weighs 26 ounces by itself and is over a foot long at a total of 16 inches. It’s big and heavy, so this needs to be a consideration for anyone looking to equip this bad boy on a lightweight rifle. We mounted our on an AR 10 rifle, in 7.62 x 51mm and used a riser so we could co witness with standard AR sights.


One minor disappointment was the optic seemed to have a rather cheap finish for a fifteen hundred dollar optic. It seemed a lot of money went into the tech, but they skipped over some of the fundamentals. The scope also requires user input for the proper caliber and loading. The Eliminator has 400 different loadings that covers most calibers. You will need to following information to program the scope:

This may turn some people away who aren’t tech savvy, and let’s face it only recently have guns and technology begun to cross. The scope is easy to program though, no harder than a car radio, and Burris offers a lot of support for this.

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Out to the Range

We tested the range finder’s accuracy by comparing it to a measuring wheel we walked down range. The range was always within a foot of our measurement from 100 to 600 yards. 600 yards being the max range I had access to. Our targets were simply old five gallon buckets filled with water and marked in the middle with orange spray paint. We chose these large targets for instant feedback on hits or misses. These targets are considered non reflective.

burris 3 reticle X96


I was shooting with my dad and uncle, who were very experienced hunters and were curious to see if this scope lived up to its claims. Wind speed was minimal, from 3 to 5 mphs, and the temperature was in the 80s. We used the range finder for every shot to reconfirm it was working. The 100, 200, and 300 yard shots were simple. This gave us the opportunity to see how the scope worked. You simply ranged the target, and the dot representing bullet drop will occur on, or below the crosshair. This illuminated red dot will mark your point of aim. You simply adjust and pull the trigger. The wind was not harsh enough to need a wind call, but the scope has the option to do so.

I would engage the range finder onto the orange circle on the buckets and would receive a range and a holdover in the form of a red dot. I would move this red dot if necessary onto the orange circle and pull the trigger. The optic worked exactly as advertised, and wherever that red dot appeared my round would strike. Optical clarity was good, but I felt shortchanged on it. The clarity was similar to a two or three hundred dollar scope, which is great, but not befitting of a fifteen hundred dollar scope.


Between our three shooters this was consistent out to six hundred yards. Needless to say we were impressed, and the scope garnered a lot of conversation and attention. That being said my father and uncle are old school guys, and when I began explaining how the scope worked, and how it was programmed, I lost them. They had no interest in that, but were impressed by the idea behind the scope.

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Hunting with the Burris

burris III 4-16x50 version from the frontDoes this scope take some of the skill and discipline needed to hunt and shoot out of the sport? I don’t think it does. Regardless what piece of technology you throw on a weapon the basics and fundamentals still matter. Without brilliance in the basics you will get an effective range, but that does not mean you will hit your target. This scope does allow competent shooters to make more accurate shots at long range though.


The Pros

  1. Opens up the world of long range accurate shooting to Average Joe
  2. Accurate range finder
  3. Easy to program
  4. Very easy to use on the range, push a button and follow the directions
  5. Holdovers are dead on precise.


The Cons

  1. Big and Heavy for a 4-16 power scope
  2. You are paying for the excellent technology, not the overall scope quality. Aspects like finish and clarity seem to be glossed over.
  3. Easy to program, but it does take a while due to the amount of option present.
  4. Requires some tech saviness.



Overall I am very impressed with the Burris Eliminator lll. The optic was very precise and accurate, and the rangefinder was consistently dead on. The point and click interface is simple to use and easy to understand. The Eliminator lll has a very easy to use interface, and uses a lot of complicated math and simplifies it for the shooter. The Burris Eliminator is not perfect, but it’s an excellent idea overall, and I feel it opens up a new world for shooters.


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