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Athlon scopes are one of the best kept secrets of the outdoor world. The scopes they produce are some of the more versatile and high quality scopes on the market. They’re also surprisingly affordable when compared to competitors. Athlon builds a wide variety of scopes ranging from long range reapers to close range combat optics. Athlon’s scopes are designed for a variety of guns, from the soft shooting AR 15 to the shoulder pounding 338 Lapua and beyond. Regardless of your need, be it sporting, hunting, or tactical Athlon likely produces a scope for you.

Athlon Midas BTR 1-6 x 24

The Athlon Midas 1 to 6 power optic is one of the most versatile options for a wide variety of shooters. I imagine this being one of the best options for AR shooters. The Midas BTR in 1 to 6 power is absolutely perfect for 3 Gun, for hunting, and for just general plinking. On an AR 15 its maximum of six power magnification matches the effective range of the 5.56 perfectly. The Athlon Midas features an illuminated reticle that can be used for both close and long range shooting. The center of the scope features a broken circle that is divided by the 4 portions of the reticle. This broken circle acts as a red dot reticle for close range shooting at 1x.

Taking a closer look at the reticle reveals an excellent reticle for long range shooting. The illuminated reticle arms are all divided by hash marks that are MOA measurements. MOA measurements allow the user to make on the fly calls for shooting at extended ranges. These MOA hash marks can be used to estimate bullet drop and make windage calls. The reticle is also etched and if the batteries die it is still operational as a scope.

The Midas is extremely well built and is made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. This is extremely strong material and in many cases the material used to build AR 15 lower receivers. It’s waterproofed and it uses Argon to purge and prevent fog build up. The glass is all HD and provides a crisp and bright sight picture that offers excellent clarity. The Midas is an interesting and dynamic scope for the AR 15 shooter.

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Athlon Talos BTR 1-4 x 24

The Athlon Talos is their miniature variable optic. The Athlon Talos BTR 1-4×24 is a small optic designed for tactical and sporting applications. The Talos scope is perfectly suited for semi-automatic tactical rifles. Due to its shorter magnification range it is well suited for AK variants, AR 15 variants, and pistol caliber carbines. Pistol caliber carbines are especially limited to about a 150 yards, so 1 to 4 power does full the niche for those shooters looking for a variable optic. The Talos would be an excellent option for slug guns.

The Talos is suited for a few different purposes. For brush hunters rocking 300 Blackout it’s a perfect option. In action shooting sports like 3 Gun the targets can range from 15 yards to 200 yards and the 1 to 4 power scope allows you to transition between targets at different ranges very easily. The reticle is illuminated and utilizes hash marks for elevation and windage calls. It makes it easy to hit shots at extended ranges by just estimating wind and bullet drop.

The Talos BTR 1-4 x 24 is also extremely well built and very, very durable. The scope is a heat treated one-piece tube that is more durable and precise than a multipoint tube. The Athlon Talos is has fully multi coated lens to increase light transmission, which will also make it a clearer optic. The multi coating also reduces glare caused by magnification. The Talos 1-4x is all around great moderate to short range optic.

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Athlon Cronus 4.5 – 29 x 56

We’ve covered some of the smaller optics designed for short to extended range shooting. The Athlon Cronus 4.5-29 x 56 is a pure long range scope. The massive difference in magnification allows the shooter to range from 500 to a 1000 yards with ease. More importantly it also allows shooters to see and hit very small targets at 500 yards. The magnification at 29 power makes it an effective scope simply for surveying and observation. The 56 mm objective lens needs a high mount on most rifles, so plan accordingly with your scope mount or rings. The 56 mm objective lens does guarantee that you are getting a wide field of view and enough light to see.

The Cronus 4.5 – 29 power scope utilizes a unique reticle that is designed to be functional at both range extremes. Because this is a first focal plane scope the reticle will grow as the magnification increases. AT 4.5 power you have a very simple reticle with MOA hash marks for range and windage calls. As the magnification grows and the reticle gets larger the a more complicated reticle appears. This includes drop and windage dots below the horizontal line. This allows for very effective range and windage estimation at extremely long ranges.

The Cronus stresses quality and clarity in its construction. The lenses are made from strong and clear Grade A HD glass, and are fully multicoated for high light transmission and low glare. The reticle is illuminated as well as etched. The tube is made of aircraft grade aluminum and is extremely strong, and resistant to harsh recoil.

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Athlon Ares 2.5 – 15x 50mm

Athlon Ares 2.5 - 15x 50mm - Athlon ScopesThe Athlon Ares 2.5 to 15 power is an excellent scope for those who need a lot of versatility with their optic. The 2,5 power magnification makes hitting targets at a 100 yards an absolute breeze. At the same time, you can dial it up to 15 and hit targets at a 1000 yards. What makes the scope valuable is that it gives you a low magnification that makes tracking a moving target exceptionally easy. Following a moving target with a high powered level of magnification can be difficult. Dialed back to 2.5 you can easily track targets at almost any range.

Once you are done tracking, you dial the scope in, make sure the dope is right, and bang, you hit your target. The Ares is a FFP, or First focal plane scope. This means the reticle will grow as the magnification increases. The benefits of this system is that the MOA hash marks are always 1 MOA, regardless of the magnification. This makes the reticle accurate at any range. The reticle at 2.5x is actually a lot different than the reticle at 15x. At 15x the reticle has a wide spectrum of range and windage hash marks on the bottom of the sight picture. These visible at 2.5x and not needed for close range shooting.

The Ares is a well-built scope and designed for both sporting and tactical use. The fingertip adjustable turrets are excellent for field adjustments. The mini throw lever makes smooth transition from 2.5 all the way to 15 power very simply. The Athlon Ares is water, fog, and shockproof.

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Athlon Neos

Athlon Neos
The Athlon Neos is a perfect hunting scope. It’s simple, affordable, and in the most common magnification range in the world. That being 3 to 9 x 40. The 3 to 9 magnification range is by far the best suited for hunting in most situations. Taking shots beyond what 9 power would give you would be inhumane in most situations. Simple put past 2 to 3 hundred yards you may be taking some risk in terms of making a humane kill. The Neos features a miniature throw lever to quickly change the magnification range.

The reticle is both illuminated and etched into the glass. This gives you a good option for low and standard light levels. The reticle itself is very simple, and very easy to use. The reticle has four drop points to compensate for bullet drop and two hash marks for each horizontal line. This allows for basic elevation and windage correction on the fly.

The scope itself is well made, easy to use, and water and shockproof. The tube is a one-piece design and is heat treated for enhanced durability. The Neos is a basic scope that is perfect for getting those white tail in the fall and winter.

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Athlon Optics

The Athlon brand is a direct competitor to premium brands like Leupold and Burris. The optics they make are incredibly reliable and durable. They are also innovative, offering wider varieties of magnification and unique reticle patterns. Athlon makes optics in almost every price range, and the features they offer often surpass the price they demand.