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 – Budget Friendly, Clear, and Consistent

Review: The Armasight Vampire 3x Core
 – Budget Friendly, Clear, and Consistent


The Armasight Vampire 3x Core is the best mix of quality and price on the market. This 3x optic uses Armasight’s unique CORE technology to provide a clear and consistent picture that’s comparable to Gen 2+ optics at half the price. For under 800 dollars the Vampire is a perfect scope for home security or hunting applications. The clarity is an impressive and consistent 70 lp/mm. It does this using a mix of Armasight Core technology and super affordable Gen 1 tech.

The CORE technology is the Ceramic Optical Ruggedized Engine, which acts as the Armasight Vampire’s intensifier tube. What makes it a gen 1 is the lack of a micro-channel plate. Other than that this optics walks around newer generations with ease.

Now normally the use of glass lenses is a good thing, and anything else risks distortion. However, the Core uses a weird blend of ceramic and metal alloy as lenses. There is more science to it that I can explain. This raises the resolution of the optic to generation 2 and 2+ standards while dipping into generation 3 on a really clear night.

The Armasight Vampire optic has hardly any edge distortion. Across almost the entire optic the distortion is hardly even apparent. The slight distortion is focused just around the edge of the optic. It’s only noticeable if you look for it.

The Armasight Vampire runs off a single CR123 and has 30 hours of runtime without using the illuminator. The optic is water and fog resistant so I would go swimming with it, or leave it in the rain. The biggest downside is the system weighs 3 pounds and is only 3x. That being said the nice 10.5-degree field of view is nice and wide for extended viewing.

The Armasight Vampire will mount to any pic rail system and has a quick detach scope mount for easy on and off use. You can also get a bigger, and better IR illuminator. However the included model is nice.


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 Summing up the review

Clarity 4 out of 5
The 70 LP/MM and minimal distortion of the Armasight Vampire drives this rating almost to the top. For a sub thousand-dollar optic it is absolutely impressive. The device is superbly clear and the only thing that drags it a little down is the edge distortion.

Ergonomics 3 out of 5
Changing the battery, using the controls, making adjustments is all very, very simple with this system. The weight is a little on the heavy side though. At 3x this bad boy weigh 3 pounds. I’ve seen 6x optics get to 2.4 so there isn’t a lot of excuses here.

Features 4 out of 5
Manual reticle manipulation is great, so is an integral long range illuminator. The illuminator can be detached easily, and replaced if you desire. The scope is on a quick detach mount, and there is a low battery indicator. Nothing fancy, but it’s all handy.