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Aimpoint PRO ( Patrol Rifle Optic ) Review & Red-Dot Comparison


aimpoint pro in actionThe Aimpoint brand of red dot optics is one of the most famous, and most issued in the world. Aimpoint is a Swedish company that produced the very first red dot scope back in 1975. Aimpoint brand optics remained in use with multiple militaries throughout the world, but they were mostly reserved for special units and special operation personnel.

Units like Delta Force adopted the Aimpoint in the 1980s and were apparently impressed with their performance. Aimpoint went on to became a household name (in gun owner’s homes anyway) when it was adopted by the United States Army as a general issue optic for most soldiers.

 As Aimpoint became more and more popular with the Army, the demand for their optics on the civilian and police officer side grew significantly. To meet the demand Aimpoint began producing several different models that would satisfy the demands of hunter’s, tactical shooters, police officers and those serious about home defense. One of them is Aimpoint Pro, a red dot optic with a 30mm tube. Pro actually stands for Patrol Rifle Optic.

Comparison With Non-Aimpoint Optics

strikefire II
Vortex Strikefire II
Aimpoint PRO
Aimpoint PRO
redfield counterstrike
Redfield Counterstrike
Objective Lens:30mm38mm30mm
Reticle:4 MOA red/green dot2 MOA4 MOA red/green dot
Length: 5.6 inches5.1 inches5.9 inches
Weight:7.2 oz7.8 oz14.8 oz.
Battery life:Max 6000h30 000hMax 5000h
Brightness levels:106 + 4 NV11
Coating:Fully MulticoatedMulticoatedFully multicoated
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Pro Compared To Other Aimpoints

The Patrol Rifle Optic was introduced with the needs of police officers in mind. The Aimpoint M4 is also an all around excellent optic, but it’s  an expensive optic. Most police departments wouldn’t be able to issue an 850 dollar optic all officers.

The Pro filled the same role at right around half the cost of the M4 and M4s. The M4s is fitted with numerous features the military needs and loves, but not features needed by a police officer in most situations.

The Aimpoint Pro is also comparable to the Aimpoint ACO. The ACO is another entry level priced optic but is aimed at the civilian market. The Pro is priced slightly higher than the ACO but is also packed with additional features the ACO lacks.

Where Aimpoint PRO Would Rank In Our 18 Optic Comparison Table?

Aimpoint Pro VS ACO

The Aimpoint Pro has night vision compatibility.

The Pro has 4-night vision settings, and 6 daylight settings. The daylight settings also pack one extra bright setting for those who live in the sunnier states.

The Pro is powered off a single 3-volt battery and has a battery life of over three years of continuous use. This is on setting 7. Three years of battery life is nothing to laugh at and is pretty typical with Aimpoint’s red dot sights. This is another major advantage over the ACO, an optic with only 1 year worth of battery life.

The sight itself is made from anodized aluminum and is made extremely well, which is true for both the ACO and PRO.

My First Impressions Of PRO

aimpoint pro rifle opticThe Aimpoint Pro is ruggedized for real-world combat conditions, which for an officer can be a gunfight or bouncing along a country road. The optic is also completely waterproof, and submersible up to 150 feet, so the optic can reliably work with law enforcement marine patrols.

The optic also has an impressive temperature rating of being able to operate at -49 degrees F and 160 degrees. This is a big deal for a weapon that may sit in a trunk on a hot Nevada day, it could easily get well over a hundred degrees in a vehicle.

What I really like about the sight is the QPR2 mount. It’s equipped and ready to be used with a spacer. The mount itself is worth the additional cost of the Pro over the ACO. The mount has a nice ample knob that is easy to grip and twist and turn. The mount can lock down nice and tight, and is easy to remove. With the included spacer and mount the optic works perfectly with standard AR 15 iron sights to cowitness in the unlikely event the optic fails.

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 Testing It Out On The Range

The optic was easy to zero since it uses ½ MOA adjustments it didn’t take long to get on target. The dot is a 2 MOA dot, which is bright enough to easily catch your eye, and small enough to be used with precision out to a couple hundred yards.

We zeroed at 25 and confirmed at 50 yards before we started serious shooting. The optic was mounted on a PSA build in 300 Blackout, and we were running a can. Optic was zeroed with a can in place. We were using mostly subsonic ammunition, so we kept everything nice and close.

We drilled a variety of targets, including your basic B27 police qual target, clay pigeons, and a dueling tree. The subsonic rounds have about the same power as a 45 ACP, so it’s pretty safe to use on steel targets rated for pistols without worrying about damaging them.

Once in play, we were able to quickly and quietly eliminate the clay pigeons. The optic, when combined with the suppressor, made the weapon a joy to shoot for younger, less experienced shooters. The simple red dot was much faster and easier to use than iron sights, and new shooters loved it.

More experienced shooters enjoyed the quick and rapid transitions the dot made possible. The dot never grew as brightness levels were increased, and never washed out. The Aimpoint worked perfectly with subsonic ammo and required a slight re-zero with supersonic ammo. It held up to 300 suppressed subsonic rounds and 100 supersonic rounds. Numbers are approximate, but regardless the optic remained on target the entire time without any reticle movement.

The Aimpoint Pro optic was easy to use, reliable, and in my opinion, the better option when choosing between the ACO and the PRO.

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